Some Feature Updates

It’s been quite a while since we’ve come out from hiding and actually released something for our fellow, loyal user base to review and acknowledge.

Jerry P. – “The website has come a long way from just a few months ago. My wife and I look forward to the future of Hanahan and what M. Cochran is bringing to the Police Department.”

A few things we’ve done recently that are right on par with what our overall goal is.

  • We’ve created a “House Check” form that the citizens can register your houses/property while you are away on business, vacations, etc.  We ask that you complete the form two weeks in advance to allow time to allocate through the online verification system, the department and straight to your zone officers.
  • We’ve created a “Property Registration” page.  We encourage ALL residents to Register your personal property trailers and your bicycles.  This will allow the Police Department to better protect the citizens from property theft.  In the future we might even do a serial tagging system that will better help identify the equipment, trailers, bicycles.
  • We’ve added a City Ordinance page that will allow users to scan, search or browse through different City Ordinances that effect the citizens of Hanahan.  Currently we do not have very many, but will be trying to increase that number over the next several weeks.

There have been several other changes, a lot of behind the scenes stuff.  We are adding the function for mapping local crimes as it relates to Sex Offenders.  Our hope is to go back over the next 5 years and add them to the crime map.  A lot of larger cities display their crime data on charts similar to this for every crime.  We are going to limit it to just Sex Crimes for community awareness reasons.

Web Stats

Some time has passed since we have paid close attention to our statistics of users, user locations, pages hit, number of contacts, etc.  What we have found has been astonishing.


Mobile visitors has steadily been on the incline.  We believe this is because the website is completely mobile.  You can do everything that you do from a personal computer on a cell device, tablet, etc.  We are also looking at the possibility of creating a few different versions for different devices.  For instance, the site will render differently on an iPad vs. a Chromebook vs. a Blackberry device.

Feature Request

As always, we are looking to expand the website, community to reach more citizens and provide more information.  What exactly would you like to see?  What do you think we do now that we could do better?  Everything we have/do now worthwhile?  What about the application process?


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