Let us know what features…

In midst of our large redesign, we would like to extend the chance for you to help us with our content.  What would you like to see?  What wouldn’t you want to see?  What interest do you have that we can accommodate?  What information, such as crime stats, patrol stats, etc would you like to view?

Stay tuned for updates and completion of our new website.  Call 9-1-1 if you have an Emergency.

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  1. City of Seattle has a google maps setup that shows all the crime in the chosen area. i believe that would be a great addition showin all the police and emergency calls in the area being catergorized as they have setup as well

  2. Djc- thanks for the response. We will definitely look into your request. There is a strong possibility that that feature will be approved and show up on HanahanPolice.com

    Thanks again,
    Web Admin

  3. Also, for those interested in applying for the PD. Have all information that would be required such as F.A.Q. and requirements. For instance; do you have to live in Hanahan city limits in order to be a Hanahan police officer, does credit play a huge role in the hiring process, and if so, what do you all look for. Just things like that.

    • Bow- Thanks for the response. At the current state, we do not have but a few items/pages up and working. Once everything gets completed, we will for sure go back and provide more information where needed.

      The hiring process will be updated with all the latest information.

      Thanks for taking the time to write in,
      Web Admin

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