We’ve gone Mobile

It’s been a slow last few months as far as pushing out updates and generally making the web experience we offer better. We are committed to demonstrating how technology savvy and ahead of the curve we are and bring this right to your front door in the community. Today, we are offering full mobile access […]

Some Feature Updates

It’s been quite a while since we’ve come out from hiding and actually released something for our fellow, loyal user base to review and acknowledge. Jerry P. – “The website has come a long way from just a few months ago. My wife and I look forward to the future of Hanahan and what M. […]

Careers; Apply online!

HanahanPolice.com is proud to announce it’s online employment system.  This system will accept applications for positions that the Police Department is currently accepting. Applying is easy, visit our Careers page.  From there, you can submit your full application.  Please remember, the Police Department will only ACCEPT full applications.  If something is missing from your application, please […]

House Checks, Vacation Checks

In an effort to better serve the community, Hanahan Police Department and HanahanPolice.com have released a page dedicated to allowing it’s Citizens to create House Checks / Vacation Checks online. This form will allow you to fill out the information needed for the Police Department to conduct house checks during their routine business.  Please note […]

Half-way Point

We have reached a critical point in the overhaul of HanahanPolice.com;  the 50% mark.  We don’t want to say that 50% of the content is up, but the concept, development and implementation phase has a very good start.  Still not sure where we are headed in some areas, trying to meet community members request has […]


Vehicle Gallery released

In an all out effort to inform the community on our agency, we have released a page dedicated to allowing the community to know what we drive. Hanahan Police Department vehicle fleet is kept current and well maintained with new vehicles replacing ones that are no longer cost efficient to operate in a law enforcement setting. Click […]