Tanner Plantation Elementary School

December 3rd, 2013 there was a meeting held at Hanahan City Hall in reference to the new project scheduled to put an Elementary School in the Tanner Plantation / Foster Creek communities.  Many residents requested an online location to get this information.  Therefore, we have created an online portal if you will where you can […]

Firearm Requalifications

Every quarter the Hanahan Police Department participates in Firearm Re-qualifications where agency staff fine tune their ability to be proficient in their duty weapons. This training spans over the course of two days and is mandatory for any member of the agency carrying a weapon for official duty purposes. Each member of the department completes […]

Within a week

We are expected to be up and fully operational within a week. Also, we apologize for our mess. Within this next week, we plan to have all the new features working for you. Crime stats will be published soon as well as some recent media releases.   Thanks for visiting!